Food and cuisine

Delicious food from local producers

The Riverside Inn offers delicious food and fantastic service in a warm and homely atmosphere.
Our fine ingredients are primarily sourced from organic, local farms.

Given the farm’s history rooted in active agriculture and forestry, it feels important to serve guests the finest from the region’s farming. Here, you can enjoy both great food and a fantastic view over the river.

We have several options for how meals are prepared and enjoyed. From the restaurant by the river to the rustic Forest Cabin out in the woods.

The restaurant is currently open for pre-booked groups of at least 10 people. We look forward to receiving your order a couple of days in advance. Same menu for the entire party.

We prefer to buy our ingredients and delicacies from local producers, where we know the care, skill, and love that goes into the production. 

Berries and mushrooms are foraged in the forests nearby. 

No matter the season, we love cooking over open fire! 
Grilled sik (whitefish) , boiled potatoes, butter, and flatbread is a humble, yet delicious traditional dish. 

Planning a hike? We are happy to provide our gusts with a packed meal for your adventure! Just let us know in advance.  

Our restaurant has a wonderful view of the Kalix River. 
Our bar is stocked with carefully chosen beverages to go with the menues. 

Summertime, and swedes spend as much time as possible outside! The sundeck opens up, for you to enjoy your meals or one of our homemade swedish fika.