About us

Meet your hosts

We who run this facility are Marie Stenman and Lars-Olof Johansson, also known as Solle.

I, Marie, was born and raised here on the farm in Marieberg. I grew up with a father who worked in agriculture and forestry while simultaneously building up the business. For me, it has always been natural to help with everything from animal care to pouring concrete slabs or nailing ceiling panels in the cottages. I also previously ran my own business, M-Style, where I sewed leather garments according to the customer’s wishes.

My great support in the adventure of becoming an owner and manager of the facility is Solle. He works in heavy industry at SSAB with operations and maintenance, he knows everything about mechanical work and nothing remains unfixed if something needs to be rebuilt or repaired. With our different experiences and strengths, we complement each other well, and we enjoy working together.

Now we want to develop the facility and redirect our lives to be here for you. I have my roots here and feel that I have come home, my other half Solle stands firmly by my side, and together we work towards the dream of making this our new lifestyle.