The legacy

Third generation on the farm, and second generation on the premises

I, Marie, have grown up here on the farm in Marieberg. The house I grew up in was once a school. My parents renovated the old timber building with care, so even as a child, I was exposed to older houses, timbered walls, large windows, and a lovely atmosphere. On the farm across the road lived my grandmother and grandfather. They built their farm in the early 1940s, a typical era farm consisting of a Per-Albin house and a smaller barn that housed seven cows.

My upbringing was characterized by hard work in agriculture and forestry, and I have many memories of family gatherings to hay. It was hard work but with lots of talk and laughter. I also remember the powerful storms that sometimes caused power outages for several days, and my dad, together with a few others from the area, had to go out and clear fallen trees. Everyone contributed with joint efforts to restore the power.

My summers are also marked by beautiful days when we children visited cows and calves in the pastures, ran down to the river for a swim, and then cycled up to the rapids to see when the whitefish were caught or the nets were drawn in the bay. We enjoyed nice horseback rides and adventures in the surroundings on our pony, which we managed to persuade our dad to get after he got tired of us teaching the calves to jump so they wouldn’t stay in the pastures.

Dad, Anders, took over the farm from his parents, and it was expanded to fifteen cows and as many young animals. In 1987-88, Anders began to build the first two cottages, with tourism and fishing in mind. The military started staying overnight for periods, and requests for food came. In this way, the facility has continued to grow and develop over the years.

Today, the facility by the river consists of six duplex cottages, a building housing reception, restaurant, and conference rooms, as well as a building with a large wood-fired sauna, relaxation area, and hotel rooms.

On the upper side of the road, is my grandmother and grandfather’s old house. On the hill next to it, Anders has built two timber houses. He has a fondness for older houses that has been passed down to me. The main farm, the large rustic gray house with its white large windows, sits grandly on the hill. The feeling when you step in and are met by rustic timber walls, rough wooden planks for floors, and large rooms with nice light is amazing. Go in and see for yourself, what do you think? The main farm naturally has its own history, and my grandmother grew up here. The house also stood on a hill above a small fishing port in the village of Storön, a fishing village off the coast of Kalix. Greks was the farm name in Storön. Stories tell that during the winters, boats were built in the house’s large kitchen, and in the spring, the windows were removed from the gable to get the boat that had been built out.

Next to Greks, which we call the main farm, is a red timber house that originally comes from Överkalix. It is built into the slope with a full cellar plan that houses five spacious hotelrooms, with a small kitchen on every floor and a lounge with tv and fireplace. The house is furnished with nice secondhand finds. Imagine sitting peacefully with a book in hand to the sound of the creaking rocking chair. This house is called The Farmhouse

Next to The Farmhouse is also a smaller timber wood-fired sauna with a veranda. Here, we look out into the forest and are filled with its grandeur, or we turn and look down towards the meadow and the farm where we live. Yes, we can also catch a glimpse of the river between the trees.

Out in the forest, you have two nice timber houses to visit. The forest hutis the closest, where you can enjoy a three-course dinner with the main course cooked over an open fire. A unique atmosphere in a rustic cozy cabin with tables of rough wooden planks illuminated by candlelight and the fireplace. The scent, the light, and the sound of the fire will be a memory to cherish and remember.

For those of you who want a little longer adventure, we have a unique place in the forest about two kilometers from the river. There you will find Torpet, a red timber house from the early 1700s. The timber house previously stood in the meadows above Pataudden. Here, there is also a timber sauna placed above the creek. It is truly a nature experience to sauna and then bathe in the creek. And when your stomach grumbles, a fine dinner cooked over an open fire can be offered here too. Also here in a cool rustic environment with rough wooden planks for floors, timbered walls, and rough tables and benches. All in the glow of candlelight and the crackling fire.

In addition to his great interest in carpentry, my father is interested in military history. It probably stems from his youth when he did his military service and, among other things, grew up in a generation closer to war than ours. I have been told by a neighbor who played with his siblings as a child that Anders, even as a child, went up to the hill in the forest and played war. He is the founder of the Kalix Line Museum.

With about sixty military vehicles, military puppies, trucks, and vehicles for radio communication. Here, you can experience being transported back in time and climb into and sit in the vehicles. There are also two buildings with materials and accessories used in the defense of the Kalix Line when the Russians invaded Sweden, and later during the Cold War. When there were a lot of soldiers here, cinema barracks were built to entertain the soldiers, one such barracks is here.