At our facility we offer comfortable hotel rooms and cottages in the Arctic countryside, just by the Kalix river. We also host cabins at Rånöns seacamp in the Kalix archipelago. 


The Riverside Inn offers delicious food and fantastic service in a warm and homely atmosphere.
Our fine ingredients are primarily sourced from organic, local farms.


Kalix Riverside Inn provides a secluded setting for productive meetings, special events, and celebrations. Offering tailored spaces, locally sourced cuisine, and customizable activities for a memorable conference experience.

Summer cafe

Open for summer cafe specific weekends. 
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Special offer!

Book your stay with us this summer! 
Stay more than one night in our hotel rooms – 15% off on the following nights. 

From 20/6-31-8, Rooms by the river, or the Farmhouse


Treat yourself to a weekend of rest and rejuvination. 


At our sustainable hotel, we’re dedicated to delivering an unforgettable and conscientious experience for our guests, all while safeguarding the environment for generations to come.

Recycling and waste sorting are standard practices, alongside our commitment to selecting eco-friendly materials and products. We continuously implement energy- and water-saving initiatives and prioritize locally sourced goods to enhance sustainability.

Rånön Sea camp

Archipelago cabins 

Spend some time in the beautiful Arctic archipelago. 
Enjoy the serenity and slow lifestyle of an off-grid cabin in a remote location. 

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