Rånön Seacamp

Discover the serene beauty of the Arctic archipelago

Rånöns Seacamp is beautifully situated on the peninsula opposite Rånöns harbor.

Here, those seeking a tranquil archipelago existence can let the pace of life slow down and enjoy the unforgettable sunsets at the edge of Törefjärden.

From the main building with kitchen and living room, you have sea views in several directions.

By the seashore, there is a wood-fired sauna available, and on the adjacent peninsula, there are 6 cabins with open fireplaces.

Out here, we live amidst nature, a peaceful existence without electricity or running water.

It’s a delightful experience to unwind and relax, allowing life and the mind to become still.

Please observe that the cabins are individually furnished. Be sure to check the details in our booking system while making your reservation. 

In the summer, you can swim in the sea, take a walk on the beautiful trails and forest roads to explore, find a nice stone to listen to the sea and birds, have dinner by the seashore, and end the day with a book or a conversation by the fire.

Wintertime, ice fishing and skiing are good fun! To warm up in the sauna after a long day outside is a lovely experience. Prepare your dinner in the main house, or over open fire by the bonfire. 

The cabins at Rånöns Seacamp can be experienced year-round, and we highly recommend staying here during the lovely spring-winter!

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