Each season present at unique array of nature’s wonder and experiences.

With us

A day by the Kalix River

Guided tour of winter rapids of the Kalix river. 
Blueberry soup by the bonfire at Kalix Riverside Inn. 
Farmers lunch, prepared over open fire. 
Coffee, tea
Est. time 2-3 hours, available Thursday-Sunday. 
750 sek/person, minimum of 2 guests. 


Guided snowshoeing tour. We travel along the river or rup into the forest. We’ll be on the lookout for tracks in the snow and eagerly anticipate what nature has in store for us today! 
Hot beverage and sandwich are included. 
Est. time 2 hours. 
630 SEK/person, minimum 2 guests

Ice fishing

We drill holes in the best fishing spots on the rivers ice, bait our small fishing gear, and eagerly await to see if the fish are biting! 
Hot beverage and sandwich are included
Est time 2 hours

630SEK/person, minimum 2 guests

Bonfire and storytelling

We cozy up by the bonfire for storytelling and grill flatbreads together over the open fire. We’ll share some good, local tall tales with you
Hot beverage, flatbreads and condiments are included. 
Est time 1,5 hours
430 SEK/person, minimum 2 guests

The forest hut

We walk together ut to the forest hut, where we’ll prepare a true lumberjack meal.
Est. time 2 hours. 
750 SEK/person, minimum 2 guests

Swedish fika

Let us know if you wish to have Swedish fika with us!

Dinner at the restaurant

We prepare traditional swedish food using local ingredients.

As a smaller inn, we have a fixed meny. Same meny for all guests. Let us know if you prefer a three-course dinner, or just a main course. 

River and sea getaway

Package deal, including one overnight stay at an off grid cabin in the beautiful arctic archipelago. 

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Ski safari

A scenic adventure along the rapids of the Kalix river! 

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On your own


When the snowmobile trails are firm or when the crust snow is hard, they provide perfect conditions for a kickbike tour.
Enjoy nature and glide easily at your own pace.

Borrowing Kickbikes is an option for our guests during their stay.

The beaver family

Walking along the river, you may hear both the pike striking and the beaver playing. If you’re lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the beaver family, curiously peeking up at you. You can see the result of the beavers’ diligent work along the riverbank and also up by the stream.

Hike along the river

Kalix Riverside Inn is situated in the beautiful country side, and there are many great hiking trails along the river to explore. 

Forest hike

A forest hike is amazing for both mental and physical well-beeing. Treat yourself to a walk in the woods. There are several hiking trails to explore. 

Ice fishing

Gorgeous spring winter days provide the perfect backdrop for ice fishing!
This activity suits both group outings and those seeking serene solo experiences.

We offer ice fishing rods for borrowing and can guide you to the finest spots to drill into the ice.

Arctic berry picking

Already in August, the first berries start to ripen. In the surroundings, you’ll find cloudberries, wild raspberries, and crowberries.

Later in the autumn, blueberries and lingonberries ripen.
Wander on your own or book a guided tour.

With our partners

Meet a local fisherman! 

At the dock in Storön, Roland welcomes you before your adventure in our fantastic archipelago. Now you have the opportunity to experience the majestic wingspan of the Sea Eagle over Berghamnsberget or why not visit one of the archipelago’s many mazes. Join us for a day of fishing and see and learn how it’s done.

Please visit his page to read more

Hunting and fishing with Fredrik!

If you want to hunt or fish, join Fredrik. He will take care of you and give you a memorable experience.

Fredrik puts great emphasis on the customer and does everything to ensure that you have an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life!

Please visit his page to read more


Discover Nordic Adventures is a small family business, offering dog sled tours.

You will get to work with the dogs and experience an adventure together. 
Suitable both for beginners and pros. 

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After a day of activities, an evening of relaxation might be in order. Lena works with the practice of Ayurveda, and a treatment will leave you feeling refreshed, pampered, and relaxed. 

Please visit her page to read more

Adventures with Love

Love takes you on a whitewater rafting and kayaking adventure through Kamlunge Rapids, continuing to Neupola Rapids before finally gliding gently to Kalix Riverside Inn.

CreActive adventures offer a wide range of activities year-round for individuals and corporate groups seeking true adventures far from tourist traps and beaten paths.

Love organizes team activities, pentathlon, mountain hiking with rappelling, mountain biking, multisport, snowmobile tours, and more. 

Please visit his page to read more

Kayaking on the Rånefjärd

Gliding silently and peacefully on streams, rivers, and seas with Oskar from the coastal village of Kängsön.

Oskar organizes kayak tours on Rånefjärden, trips to CE-marked event rafts, and canoe tours on gently flowing waters along the Råne River.

Please visit his page to read more